Outdoor Tennis Courts

Outdoor Tennis Permit Requirements

1)    Residents age 16 years and over with valid park cards may play on the courts of the district.  Each resident, 16 years and over, will be required to have a tennis sticker affixed to the park card, or present hourly play coupons. Tennis stickers and coupons can be purchased at the Great Neck House.

2)    2 cards and their players are required to register with the park attendant to reserve a court on weekends and holidays before 1 p.m.  First come first served. Courts may be reserved starting at 8 a.m.

3)    Singles play will not be permitted on holidays or weekends before 1 PM unless there are no players waiting for a court.

4)    Adults will be given preference over children under 16 years of age on weekends and holidays except when the child is playing with an adult.

5)    Guest may accompany park card holders with presentation of hourly play coupons by the park card holder.

6)    Park cards and tennis stickers are not transferable and each player must present his or her own card to the attendant in charge.  Privileges can be suspended or revoked for misuse of park card.

7)    All players must be present at the court with their cards given to the attendant 15 minutes before scheduled start time on weekends and holidays before 1 PM, otherwise court will be forfeited to any group (4) waiting.

8)    At the discretion of the attendant, players may warm up 15 or 20 minutes before their scheduled start time, on the same court they have reserved, if no one is waiting to play.

9)    Only 3 balls may be in play on a court.

10)    Ball hoppers or chairs are not permitted on the court.

11)    For entering and exiting players are to use the gates nearest to their assigned courts.

12)    When the fast-dry courts are closed, only doubles play will be permitted at Allenwood Park courts.  Guests will be permitted to play with a sponsoring resident.

13)    Players should refrain from loud talking or inappropriate actions that interfere with players on other courts.

14)    No player, including resident or guest, may play beyond the scheduled period when other players are waiting.

15)    Smooth rubber soled tennis shoes are required.

16)    When a ball lands on your court from adjoining court, stop play immediately and call a let.  Return ball promptly and pleasantly.

17)    Give opponent benefit of doubt on all calls.

18)    Treat your opponent with courtesy.  Avoid arguments of any kind.  Accept defeat graciously.

19)    Keep play moving; don’t stop at the net to chat.  Always be considerate of those waiting.

20)    Relinquish the court when due.  Observe all court rules and insist others do the same.

21)    Tennis cans, tops, unwanted balls and other trash are to be placed into waste receptacles or removed from court.