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Posted on: April 5, 2018

BE A PART OF OUR SPECIAL NEW SPORTS PROGRAMS! Soccer, Lacrosse, T-Ball and more for ages 2-12

Soccer for boys and girls 2018

SPRING INTO ACTION! There is no better way to introduce children to the world of sports, learning the fun essentials and making new friends than by registering for our exciting sports programs.

We are teaming up with US Sports Institute, Sting FC Academy of Great Neck and U.K. Elite. Check out what we are offering and register online!

US SPORTS INSTITUTE: Memorial Field; starts week of April 15

Squirts Multi Sports (ages 3-5) Register Online HERE
Enjoy an array of different sports such as soccer, lacrosse, T-ball, etc.


Memorial Field; starts week of April 12; Free tryouts mandatory April 10 or 12.
Intermediate/advanced players can improve their skills with this co-ed supplementary program. Play up to 6 tournaments at a national, regional or local level. This is an evaluation based program. There is an additional fee for tournaments. Register Online HERE

U.K. ELITE SOCCER: Memorial Field;starts week of April 15

Parent & Me Petite Soccer (ages 2-4) Register Online HERE

Intro to soccer with help from mom or dad. 

Super Strikers (ages 3-5) Register Online HERE

Begin to advance individual and small group soccer skills.

LACROSSE:Memorial Field;starts week of April 19

Running for 8 weeks, our new lacrosse program introduces children (ages 3-5 and 6-12) to this fast-growing sport. Experienced coaches promote commitment/teamwork,teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse. Skills and techniques are the focus in preparation for the next level. 

Ages 3-5 Register Online HERE

Ages 6-12 Register Online HERE

Call 516-482-0355 for more information.